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->Start Evaluation w/Principal Edition: Especially Curriculum Dirs, & Administrators
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Easy School Starter Kit:

"Discussion is over, let us help you start doing!"
(builds on 10 years success of BinderBuddies)
Don't reinvent the wheel...
use our proven research based solution
and implement your grade or school wide uniform organizing literacy program starting today

Use the easy 1/2/3 Step DocOA configurator
and plan your unified organizing solution.

After you check out the configurator,
scroll down to select your evaluation Kit->

DocOA Configurator

DocOA organizing assistant logo DocOA (pronounced "Doc Away") allows anyone to instantly create their own color-coded binder organizing system without any prior training. The powerful nested pockets work like the file system on your computer to keep you organized with all your school papers or curriculum materials! DocOA is perfect for any grade, school,or district seeking a unified organizing solution.

To implement phase 1 of your evaluation project, you need to order one DIY principals kit, your Webinar, and your teacher DocOA kits for the initial evaluation. Principals and Assistant Principals attend the workshop for free. Any number of teachers can sit in on the training at no additional charge. Place your advance order and make sure to get at least the one DocOA Teacher Edition per teacher for the training. Use our easy ordering system by clicking on this link: start your evaluation or the one below . If you have any difficutly, Email us to assist you in placing your program evaluation order or use the request a quote form to contact us with your requirements.

->Start Evaluation w/Principal Edition: Especially Curriculum Dirs, & Administrators
->Request help: Ask us to quote your initial evaluation

-Proven in ten years of use at FAY School & Hillside School
-Tested in demanding use by 100's of thousands of students as BinderBuddies
->MilfordDailyNews 2008: Horace Mann Middle School uses DocOA
->BostonGlobe Jan 5,2008:Used successfully in Cambridge Public Schools
->Before/After Results-Baldwin Middle School
->See Classroom Use:Audio/Video play automatically on link

The "Principal's School Starter Kit"
is a great way to try out the program.
The school starter kit includes:

-1 Fully Assembled DocOA 6 subject DocOA(master copy)
(Complete turnkey 3 Ring set with durable covers and pencil case)
-6 24pp college ruled 2column (Cornell formatted) notebooks
-eLearning Simulator for teaching students, parents, and teachers the DocOA system
-On-line Videogame-fun for all and reinforces the basic sorting model
-165pp Teacher Planner with templates, guides, and strategies for DocOA
-1 Complete Teacher Edition DocOA for the Principal or Assistant Principal(master copy) -95pp "Growing Smarter: A crash course on the intelligence of being organized"-by Schwartz
-Student Form Download-a complete calendar replacement with event and homework forms -Teacher Form Download-a complete set of tracking and classroom management forms
-as a special promotion a free speedpad will be added to each order
-School pricing for basic 1 Class DocOA kits begin at $27.95/teacher*
-School pricing for basic 5 Subject DocOA kits begin at $12.95/student**

->Buy (1) Principal Edition Kit: Especially Curriculum Dirs, & Administrators
->Request quote: Schools, get your preferred configurations and pricing programs

*Recommended configurations for 5 class editions start at $27.95/teacher permitting teachers to make and take a complete curriculum handlng solution they can put into immediate practice as well as use for evaluation purposes.

**we offer kits beginning at 12.95 per student for 5 subject pocket only kits(5 nested color coded pockets) without binder. These kits are delivered precollated as loosepak boxes. Once you understand all your choices, configure your own using our prekitted solutions and our bulk pallate program and achieve the price point you need to get your program going.